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Randy Thomason

President of ArkREIA

Owner of Arkansas Property Buyers

About Randy Thomason President of ArkREIA

From my college days, when I first delved into the "Carlton Sheets" program, I knew real estate was my destiny.

I understood its potential to create millionaires and how the world's wealthiest people safeguarded their wealth through it.

My path to today was gradual. I balanced real estate with other ventures, working on Wall Street, running a family technology business, and growing a property management company. In 2011, I became a full-time investor.

Through my real estate journey, I discovered a true calling: helping people in tough situations, which I call 'POPS' (Property Owners, Problem-Solving). Over 30 years, I absorbed wisdom from top investors nationwide. Now, I use that knowledge to assist people facing divorce, foreclosure, and more. Yet, I felt something was missing.

I founded the Arkansas Real Estate Investors Association to empower others. We've educated over 1,000 individuals statewide, sharing the tools for financial transformation. I also initiated a coaching program to mentor people directly.

My goal? To help 5,000 Arkansas families break free from the "40-40-40 club" and its cycle of working for 40 years to retire on 40% of their salary while building someone else's wealth. I'm already witnessing life-changing success, with one mentee acquiring eight properties in a year.

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